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welcome to tikvah

Tikvah Israel has always been a celebration of praise and worship where the River of God flows and the Living Water is not stagnant. Yes, this Mighty River is flowing down from God's Throne, moving, rushing, and surging in and through the Tikvah congregation at The Father's House! Calling and empowering us - worshippers of Yahweh - to partake in the restoration of ordained praise! God is restoring the glory and honor that was meant only for Him. We were made for His praise!

God revealed the Tabernacle in heaven to His people on earth SO THAT He could dwell, or tabernacle, with His beloved creation. The progression through the Tabernacle was designed to finish in the Holy of Holies. So it is with our praise and worship. Holy, anointed, and prophetic worship and adoration must not stop until, as one, we reach that special place of His Glorious Presence - the Holy of Holies. The Blood of the Sacrificial Lamb covers us, sins are forgiven, and God's Holy nature lives in us, and we become the "Ark of the Covenant" that contains His presence and power. Jesus/Yeshua is our Mercy Seat. This is the place in our worship where Yahweh's Glory Cloud fills the room, covers the Assembly, and consumes us. His Divine Presence overtakes us - His earthen vessels, believers in Messiah, a holy and chosen people, His treasure, His beloved Bride. It is in this place of worship, the Holy of Holies, that we become surrounded by the songs of the angels and the heavenly hosts - hearing the beat of our Father's heart - embraced by His love.

When oceans of unified praise begin to rise from the Father's House as a chorus of thankful hearts, then we, His appointed priesthood of worshippers, will not be able to stand in the outpouring and rising tides of Heaven's refreshing "reign". The River of Life in the Father's House changes the course and direction of our lives! As we surrender and worship with abandonment, we find all that we need in our Father's House. Salvation is in our Father's House. Healing is in our Father's House. Deliverance is in our Father's House. Restoration is in our Father's House. Rest and refreshing is in our Father's House. ALL THAT WE NEED IS IN OUR FATHER'S HOUSE! So we yield to the Mighty River's powerful currents and waves of Glory that engulf us in the Father's House and carry us to our destiny. We sing and proclaim, "Roll on, Mighty River!!!

II Chronicles 5:13-14 "Indeed it came to pass, when the trumpeters and singers were as one, to make one sound to be heard in praising and thanking the Lord, and when they lifted up their voice with the trumpets and cymbals and instruments of music, and praised the Lord, saying:

"For He is good, for His mercy endures forever,"

that the House, the House of the Lord, (The Father's House) was filled with a cloud, so that the priests could not continue ministering (Lit. stand to minister) because of the cloud; for the Glory of the Lord filled the House of God."

At Tikvah, we are a ONE NEW MAN congregation where believers in Yeshua, both Jews and Gentiles, come together as ONE IN MESSIAH. We are "Messianic" in the sense that we believe Jesus/Yeshua is the Messiah of the world. In practice, we are a Spirit-filled Hebrew/Christian Fellowship, and not a Messianic Synagogue. Therefore, Pastor Eric teaches from a Christian and New Testament viewpoint in the Torah Cycle, and shows how Jesus/Yeshua was prophesied as the coming Messiah, and was revealed in the Torah and the Prophets since the beginning of creation. We tap into and study the Hebrew Roots of our faith and belief in Jesus/Yeshua, the Son of God, as He has shown and continues to show us the Father. Through the finished work of the cross, we are brought us into right relationship with our Heavenly Father through His plan of redemption. We celebrate our freedom in Christ and serve one another in love as is taught in the fifth chapter of Galatians. And we are "not ashamed of the Gospel (Good News) of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek" as taught in the first chapter of Romans.

In regards to Israel, we espouse and embrace Romans, Chapter Eleven! God has not rejected Israel. Her finest days are yet to come. When countless numbers of Jewish men and women come to know Yeshua as their Messiah, we will then see the end time revival in its fullest. Salvation and deliverance has come to the Gentiles and God will continue to use them to provoke Israel to jealousy. The Gentiles have been given the riches of Christ. And how much greater riches will come to the Body of Yeshua when Israel enters its fulness through belief in Messiah and . . .

"...all Israel will be saved, as it is written: 'The Deliverer will come out of Zion, And He will turn away ungodliness from Jacob; for this is My covenant with them, when I take away their sins.'"

We invite you to come and be a part of God's awesome plan! God will raise up and restore the praise and worship ordained for the House of the Lord - the Restoration of the Tabernacle of David - and we will share the Good News of Salvation with unbelieving Jews and Gentiles to "prepare the way" for THE glorious end time revival that is soon to come! May the presence of God wash over you and fill you with His Glory.

Amos 9:11-15 "'On that day I will raise up the Tabernacle of David, which has fallen down, and repair its damages; I will raise up its ruins, and rebuild it as in the days of old; that they may possess the remnant of Edom, and all the Gentiles who are called by My name,' says the Lord who does this thing ... 'I will bring back the captives of My people Israel; ... I will plant them in their land, and no longer shall they be pulled up from the land I have given them,' says the Lord your God."

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