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                             ...I will give you shepherds after My own heart  - Jeremiah 3:15
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welcome to shepherd's heart

God calls all believers to spiritually reproduce and make other believers by sharing the Good News and loving and caring for one another with a Shepherd's heart. Jesus/Yeshua, the Good Shepherd, taught us to . . .

  • Search for the lost
  • Protect the flock
  • Lead the flock to good pasture.
The purpose of Shepherd's Heart Ministries is to share the Good News (what happens outside the Church) and make disciples of Jesus/Yeshua our Messiah (what happens inside the Church). We believe that through evangelism, anointed praise and worship, instruction in God's Word, individual and corporate prayer, and fellowship in the Body of Yeshua, we can and will strengthen, deliver, heal, restore, and equip the saints to mature and serve one another.

According to Isaiah 61 and Ezekiel 34, we encourage the Body of Believers to:
  • Proclaim the Good News (gospel)
  • Search for the lost and show the way of salvation
  • Care for the flock - lead gently and firmly
  • Bring the strays/prodigals back to the Father's House
  • Bind up the brokenhearted and the wounded
  • Strengthen the weak/feeble and feed the sheep
  • Teach the soul to prosper and heal the sick
  • Proclaim forgiveness and spiritual freedom for those held captive to sin
  • Release prisoners from spiritual darkness and bondage
  • Comfort all who mourn with the oil of joy (Holy Spirit)
  • Encourage those in despair and teach them to put on the garment of praise
  • Rebuild, renew, and restore what the enemy has torn down and destroyed
  • Proclaim and extend the Lord's power and anointing and blessing and favor

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